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Planning To Build

The Shed Company has been proudly serving the Auckland area since 2001 with our range of fully compliant sheds. Having gone through all the rigorous requirements ourselves means our customers won’t have to. We are 100% compliant with the NZ Building Code and can assist with meeting council specifications and gaining permits should you so require.

As New Zealand’s most awarded Fair Dinkum Sheds distributor, we have ample experience in our own back yard. Things to consider when purchasing a building, whether for business or leisure:

  1. Durability – what does the warranty cover and for how long? Cladding, structure, and workmanship, etc.

  2. How are the buildings measured? Has the company considered true concrete floor size, concrete pad thickness, and does it include a moisture barrier? Our sheds do.

  3. On our windy isle, one must consider the volatile conditions. What can the framing (portal) columns withstand? High wind, very high wind? Our sheds are hardy and designed for Kiwi conditions.

  4. Ventilation…. Spouting…. Roof pitch… So many elements to consider. The Shed Co has a transparent process to help our customer’s make informed honest decisions with guaranteed outcomes.

A high quality new shed should be robust, versatile, and ultimately, good value. It needs to tick all the boxes and be right for our customer’s unique requirements. That’s why we continually watch the trends to understand what our New Zealand market is asking for; whether lifestyle or farm, industrial or commercial, or even a shed home that doubles as a roomy bach.

  • Designed and certified to the Building Code of New Zealand and relevant New Zealand standards.

  • Steel connections designed to New Zealand standards NZS4100 and AS4600.

  • Cold formed steel members designed to NZS4600.

  • Foundations designed to NZS2870.

  • Concrete designed to NZS3600.

Look no further. We’ve got your back.