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American Barns

We’ve embraced the stylish but affordable American barn and made it work in New Zealand. Kiwi barns can be used as holiday accommodation, vehicle garages, boat sheds, workshops, for caravan storage, as equestrian facilities, storage rooms and games rooms, the list is endless.

Cost effective steel construction
All our Kiwi barns are constructed from cost effective Colorsteel® or Zincalume® steel and other quality components. With Colorsteel® cladding, your investment will look great for years to come.
Safe and durable
Our Kiwi barns are ShedSafe™ accredited by the independent Australian Steel Institute and compliant with the New Zealand Building Code. Whilst the ShedSafe accreditation program is yet to be officially rolled out in New Zealand, your shed will meet the national standards. This is an important consideration given our extreme weather conditions and recent seismic activity.
Make it yours
What you do with your Kiwi barn is limited only by your imagination. They are fully customizable. With our innovative design and quoting software we can change the dimensions and features in seconds. We recommend you consider the following in your design:
Size. Customize all the dimensions to suit your needs (width starts at 9m and can be increased, as can the length. Standard roof pitch for Kiwi barns is 22` but this too can be adjusted, as can gable height and bay spacing). Height for either the side lean-tos or middle section can also be changed to accommodate large roller doors for caravan or boat access.
Bonus space. Consider installing a mezzanine floor to the centre section for use as storage or an additional workspace. A mezzanine floor can also be added at a later stage, allowing you to get what you need now and expand as required. If you want to start with just one lean-to, a second can be added at a later date.
Natural light. Parapet walls allow for insertion of windows to increase natural light. Add 22 degree barn style windows, standard windows, security screens, skylights, glass sliding doors. We can supply fly screens, security screens and window locks.
Lifestyle. You could turn one of the sides of your Kiwi barn into an open carport, or verandah for the perfect entertainment area.
Fit-out. The bay structure allows for customized internal structures for stables. The high centre section can accommodate tall roller doors allowing easy access for horse floats.
Ventilation. Adequate ventilation is required to maintain a good level of comfort inside your stables or workshop and can be required by law if you’re working with chemicals or storing stock. There is a range of ventilators available and they can be easily fitted to your new or existing Fair Dinkum Shed.
Access. Choose the number, size, location and style of doors (roller doors, personal access doors, security doors, sliding doors made from glass or steel in a variety of colours, sizes and styles).
The look. Give your barn a designer look with horizontal cladding or a mansard roof. This also increases headroom in centre section, changing the style and functionality of your Kiwi barn instantly. Consider the colour of sheeting, roofing, gutters and other components. Choose your colours.
To kick off your custom Kiwi barn project, we hold an onsite meeting. Throughout the process you will receive thorough service and communication. Our strong after sales service includes a follow-up inspection on completion to ensure your satisfaction.


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Colorsteel® Colors

Matte Colors

FlaxPod® Matte

TSR: 22%

LRV: 6%

SnowStone® Matte

TSR: 68%

LRV: 69%

TidalDrift® Matte

TSR: 29%

LRV: 13%

Standard Colors


TSR: 72%

LRV: 76%

Desert Sand

TSR: 58%

LRV: 51%


TSR: 5%

LRV: 5%


TSR: 25%

LRV: 7%

Grey Friars

TSR: 28%

LRV: 10%

Gull Grey

TSR: 57%

LRV: 50%


TSR: 28%

LRV: 8%


TSR: 25%

LRV: 8%


TSR: 44%

LRV: 28%


TSR: 30%

LRV: 11%

Mist Green

TSR: 40%

LRV: 25%

New Denim Blue

TSR: 25%

LRV: 11%

Permanent Green

TSR: 26%

LRV: 10%

Pioneer Red

TSR: 36%

LRV: 15%

Sandstone Grey

TSR: 42%

LRV: 27%


TSR: 32%

LRV: 12%


TSR: 27%

LRV: 9%

Thunder Grey

TSR: 30%

LRV: 12%


TSR: 67%

LRV: 69%

Windsor Grey (LG)

TSR: 23%

LRV: 7%