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Farm Sheds

W 12.0m x L 7.0m x H 3.0m

– 2 x open bays, 2 x enclosed bays

– 1 x roller door W 2.4m x H 2.7m

– 1 x Personal Access door

W 12.0m x L 7.0m x H 3.0m– 2 x open bays, 2 x enclosed bays– 1 x roller door W 2.4m x H 2.7m– 1 x Personal Access doorWhether you have a fleet, heaps of gear or just a few calves in the season, this great all round shed will perform for you for years to come. 1 Closed bay for security and two open bays for animals or easy access.


Farm Shed with Open Bays and Enclosed Bays
Farm Shed with Sliding Door
Hay Shed
Large Farm Shed with Closed-in Lean-to
Open Front Farm Shed

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Colorsteel® Colors

Matte Colors

FlaxPod® Matte

TSR: 22%

LRV: 6%

SnowStone® Matte

TSR: 68%

LRV: 69%

TidalDrift® Matte

TSR: 29%

LRV: 13%

Standard Colors


TSR: 72%

LRV: 76%

Desert Sand

TSR: 58%

LRV: 51%


TSR: 5%

LRV: 5%


TSR: 25%

LRV: 7%

Grey Friars

TSR: 28%

LRV: 10%

Gull Grey

TSR: 57%

LRV: 50%


TSR: 28%

LRV: 8%


TSR: 25%

LRV: 8%


TSR: 44%

LRV: 28%


TSR: 30%

LRV: 11%

Mist Green

TSR: 40%

LRV: 25%

New Denim Blue

TSR: 25%

LRV: 11%

Permanent Green

TSR: 26%

LRV: 10%

Pioneer Red

TSR: 36%

LRV: 15%

Sandstone Grey

TSR: 42%

LRV: 27%


TSR: 32%

LRV: 12%


TSR: 27%

LRV: 9%

Thunder Grey

TSR: 30%

LRV: 12%


TSR: 67%

LRV: 69%

Windsor Grey (LG)

TSR: 23%

LRV: 7%