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Site Specific Engineering

Site-Specific Engineering: Designing Your Building for Optimal Performance

At The Shed Company, we understand that the key to a successful building project lies in tailoring the design to the exact location where it will be constructed. Our dedicated team takes a meticulous approach to assess and analyze the unique design requirements for your building, taking into account a range of crucial factors, including:

  1. Wind Region: Our experts evaluate the specific wind region of your building site. By factoring in the local wind conditions, we determine the wind speed requirements that your building must meet to ensure it is structurally sound and fit for its intended purpose.

  2. Surrounding Terrain: The surrounding terrain plays a significant role in the design process. We consider the landscape and its features to ensure that your building seamlessly integrates with its environment.

  3. Topography: Topographical features, such as slopes or elevation changes, are carefully examined. These details influence the foundation design and overall structural integrity of your building.

Our Commitment to Your Safety and Satisfaction:

Why is Site-Specific Engineering Important to You? At The Shed Company, we believe that a properly designed building is paramount to your safety and peace of mind. When we design a building, we're designing it for your specific location, not a generic template. Our rigorous design process includes thorough reviews by our trained classification experts before your plans and council documents are finalized. This meticulous approach ensures that we deliver:

  • Ease of Council Approval/Certification: Our site-specific engineering and design practices facilitate a smoother approval process with local authorities, ensuring that your project complies with all necessary regulations and standards.

  • Insurance Compliance: A building designed specifically for your location reduces insurance risks and enhances your overall coverage.

Not All Suppliers Offer Site-Specific Engineering—We Do!

It's essential to note that not all suppliers in the shed market offer site-specific engineering. Many simply make assumptions about site conditions or place the responsibility on customers to determine site classification. However, we firmly believe in best practices, which involve Site-Specific Engineering and Classification conducted by trained experts.

The Shed Company is at the forefront of pioneering this process and advocating for industry-wide compliance. We collaborate closely with leading industry bodies to mandate these critical considerations.

Your Input Matters:

As part of our commitment to a tailored approach, our sales team will engage with you to precisely identify the location on your property where your shed will be constructed. If you're working with a shed company that doesn't ask, "Where on your property is your shed going to be built?" it's essential to question why they aren't prioritizing this crucial information.

Rest assured, our team utilizes advanced tools and expertise to make this process as seamless, speedy, and accurate as possible, ultimately ensuring that your building is optimised for safety, performance, and satisfaction. Choose The Shed Company for a building that's truly designed for your unique needs and location.